The Blogs

I’ve written tons about what books I am reading and what not. I have also shared with you my Bible reading plan. What I have not shared before is my blog feed. Everyday I read blogs on a variety of subjects that interest me on the personal and profesional levels. Here are the current blogs […]

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In honor of the man who gave me he products that quite literally touch almost ever are of my life, I thought I’d share my favorite “Steve” moments.  

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Thanks Steve…

I know I’m a little behind the press cycle. Better late than never. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fan(atic) of all things Apple. I still use the fire out of my 5th Gen 30GB iPod Classic. I watch TV on an iMac. I’m a pastor, radio co-host, and leader and my […]

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Sunday Thoughts

1. Father’s Day rocked! I am blessed. 2. We had a great turn out this morning in site of the crazy weather. God is growing Xtreme in every way! 3. Due to some technical difficulties we might not have the podcast of today’s talk up this week. 4. I am blessed to serve with a great […]

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It’s Okay To Disagree

Yesterday I participated in a great theological conversation that my friend Shaun King had on his blog. It was so refreshing to have a civil conversation with a brother that I respect…yet TOTALLY disagree with on some matters. I’ve learned that being righteous means way more than being right. Sometimes we need to lay down […]

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