Tomorrow Never Knows

There has been so much buzz about his arrival. People are waiting with great expectation. Some claim they’ve seen him. Other’s say he’ll never come. While all of this could be said of Jesus (He is coming soon by the way), the person I’m talking about is the one and only Mr. Verizon iPhone. To […]

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Around the Blogosphere

Here are some posts that have really caused me to think ┬áthis week: 1. Shaun King really stirred the pot with this one. Reader discretion is advised (if you are easily offended) 2. Kevin leads worship at our church. This post hit me right between the eyes! 3. I love my iPad. Michael Hyatt gives […]

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My thoughts on WWDC 2010

Well they’ve done it again. Apple has just convinced millions of people that their state of the art iPhones (3G and 3Gs) are now worthless. Welcome iPhone 4. I’m on the fence. I’ll definitely upgrade…just don’t know if I’ll get a 4 or a 3Gs. I’m more interested in iOS 4 then the new phone […]

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Media Irony

Here are some things I find ironic about modern media: 1. The fair and balanced network is anything but. (I still watch though…) 2. MTV claims to be on the side of big social issues…yet they pump millions into Cribs and Jersey Shore. What the what? 3. 9 gaming systems, 4 iPods, 3 iPhones, TVs, […]

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