Real Quick

1. Tomorrow at Xtreme we continue our “Weird” series with a talk about debt. Bring your broke friends!

2. If you live in Clarksville you need to check out Gunslinger’s BBQ. Don’t eat it everyday! However, if you are going to have a cheat day, this is the place to go all in!

3. Today’s been a great day! Spent the morning at the range putting in work with my brother and the boys. Spent the afternoon chilling. I love fall!

One thought on “Real Quick

  1. I ate there before it was Gunslinger’s. I vowed never to eat there again while they owned. I’m a self proclaimed BBQ connoisseur and their BBQ was subpar and one plate with sweet tea was well over $10. Been wanting to try Gunslinger’s to put my stamp of approval of disapproval on them.


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