Sunday Thoughts

1. On Friday night I caught some type of cold/bug. I spent most of Saturday feeling like I got hit by a train.

2. Thanks to the Lord and natural remedies I was able to make it through Sunday with no problems and I actually felt 100 percent better by the end of the night!

3. I love seeing all of the new families that are connecting with Xtreme. What I love even more is seeing them come back!!

4. We honored all of our Veterans on Sunday. When asked to stand, 99% of Xtreme stood to identify themselves as directly connected to the Armed Forces. Church full of warriors!!

5. We continued our Ecclesiastes series with a talk from Ecclesiastes 3.

6. The big idea from the message was this: Our greatest fear should not be failing, but succeeding at something that doesn’t matter.

7. I had the honor to serve  5 years with some great soldiers. I am so thankful that I now get to serve the warriors of the Ft Campbell community. Happy Veterans Day to all of my “Battles” past, present, and future! Air Assault!

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