Sunday Thoughts

1. I never get tired  of saying this…I LOVE OUR CHURCH!

2. I talked about money today and I didn’t have one rotten tomato or dirty diaper thrown at me. Winning.

3. God is doing something great in our community  Xtreme. Hang on!

4. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I have no idea ow I’m going to get anything done this week. I notoriously get “short-timers syndrome” during holiday weeks.

5. It is so bad that as I am typing this I am daydreaming about watching football and eating turkey.

6. My heart melted this morning when I saw my kids after 3 days of being apart. Makes me pray hard for my brothers and sisters in arms who go a lot longer than that without seeing their families.

7. Purpose filled living = purposely giving

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