Sunday Thoughts

1. Lots of folks missing this Sunday between the holiday and sickness.

2. In spite of that, today was a GREAT day at Xtreme! Lots of new faces!

3. Next week we kick-off a brand new Christmas series called “Heroes”. Our creative team has been putting in tons of work to make this the best Christmas series yet.

4. Back in the day, folks took notes during the message. Now, people FB and tweet what is jumping out to them. We have a nice blend of both at Xtreme.

5. I’m not too thrilled about the kind of football day this is turning out to be. The Bucs and Titans lost close games and as of now, the Ain’t are winning. Dang.

6. Our uncles’s house burned down on Friday. Thank God no one was physically hurt and thank God for the outpouring of love and support that the Body of Christ has shown his family. This has been one tough month.

7. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can be doing today. Don’t let the urgent cause you to forsake the important.

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