Cyber Monday

Since you are online anyway and since this is supposed to be the day when folks spend tons of money online for Christmas, let me encourage you to give a gift to Xtreme Christian Fellowship : ) Sure, I could tell you about the tax deductibility and all of that stuff but that isn’t why you should give. You should give because Xtreme is a place where lives are bing changed. We are a Christian community full of recovering alcoholics,  addicts, pharisees, and broken people who have found hope and healing in the Grace of God. We give back to the community by directly supporting groups and outreaches like Restore Ministries, Hope Pregnancy Center, Manna Cafe, Xtreme Halloween and Project FUEL. More than that, we are a place where people can connect to Jesus just as they are. No judgment. Just truth spoken in love seasoned with TONS of grace. Our vision is to be a 24-hour a day center of ministry that will become synonymous with meeting the needs of the hurting in Clarksville. If Xtreme has been a blessing to you or if you would like to partner with what God is doing through us in Clarksville, TN than please give a financial gift here. No gift is too small. Thanks!

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