29 Days

Counting today we have 29 days left in 2012 (Lord willing). That’s about one month to:

Laugh hard, cry hard, forgive totally, kiss deeply, finish_____, start_______, read that book, take that step, take that leap, let go, move on, dig in…

You get the picture.

So you didn’t lose 30 pounds this year? Don’t gain 15 this month! Lose 1 pound by making the right choices for the next 29 days. “30 pound is the sum of a lot of 1 pounds. No successful person ever lost 30 pounds without first losing 1 pound. Successful people value the baby steps, not just the big goal. Successful people realize that the small steps that are skipped or overlooked often lead to the missteps that lead to failure” (Henry Cloud)

So, you didn’t read 30 books this year? Read 1 this month. So, you didn’t learn a new language? Learn some new words this week. You didn’t get to spend much time with your family? Get off of the computer and start today.

Don’t leave anything on the field in 2012. Go all out. Here’s to a great 29 days! Let’s go!



*This post is adapted from this post.

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