How to Get and Stay Healthy (Repost)

The number one way to NOT get and stay healthy is to blog or FB about how your are going to get and stay healthy. I know about 3 dozen people who have done this and failed. The reason this post is being written now instead of last January is because I did not want to join the crowd of “look at me I’m getting in shape” only to fail in 2 months. Many people have asked me “What are you doing? What’s the secret?” So I thought I’d share it here. The secret to getting and staying healthy is:

The Grace of God and HARD FREAKING WORK.

If you think you can do it on your own you will fail. If you are not willing to work hard, you will fail. If your attitude is “I want to get in shape but I don’t want to push myself too hard”, congratulations, you have just failed before you even started. Before you get all judge-y let me briefly share my story.

From 2000-2004 I was in the best shape of my life. I was 200lbs of Army killing machine. Okay, not really, I was 200lbs of Army logistician, but you get the point. My last year in the Army (2005) saw my health rapidly deteriorate. My back was injured in Iraq (non-combat related) and I was diagnosed with an intestinal disease. By 2006 I weighed over 250lbs and was in even worse shape. Then I became a full-time preacher at a Pentecostal church. You know how that ended right? My laziness coupled with the opportunity to eat lots of cake and fried stuff had me pushing 265 by 2007. In 2008 I took up Muay Thai as a way to burn some fat. I went inconsistently and still ate like crap. In 2009 I had a very bad fight with my intestinal disease and I ended up in the hospital. After a year of steroids and bad food, I was pushing 290lb. I was on the road to cancer and diabetes. Stay with me. By the fall of 2010 I had quit the steriods and started kickboxing about twice a week. That shaved about 10lbs off but wasn’t enough. I felt and looked horrible. I was litearlly sick and tired of being sick and tired.I looked at my wife and 2 sons and realized that they deserve to have me in their lives. The way I was living was not fair to them. So after Christmas of last year, I reached out to a dear friend who happens to train warriors for a living and asked him to help me. His answer:

HARD FREAKING WORK (mentally and physically)

On Christmas Day of 2011 I weighed about 285lbs. Today, I weigh 225.I enjoy working out 4-6 times a week. I eat TONS of food. I am free from all medications. I am in the BEST shape of my post Army life. My story can be your story. I am not trying to sell you ANYTHING. I do not make my living working for a health food company or by pushing supplements and protein shakes. God has graced me with a circle of friends that have held me accountable and worked WITH me to get and stay healthy. I want to help you. If you are serious, message me and we’ll start the journey together. If you are not willing to work REALLY FREAKING HARD, don’t even start typing. Instead, I would ask you to pray, examine your life, and then see what price you are willing to pay to be free from the chains of obesity and poor health. I’m sure that after you have done that, you’ll be ready to put in the work.

Next week I’ll break down some specifics regarding what I have done as far as diet and exercise.

*Update 9/26/12 – I now weigh between 205-210. I’ve gone from a 44-46 to a 36 pant and from XXXL to XL/L in shirts. Since the Summer of 2010 I’ve lost almost 100lbs.

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