The Blogs

I’ve written tons about what books I am reading and what not. I have also shared with you my Bible reading plan. What I have not shared before is my blog feed. Everyday I read blogs on a variety of subjects that interest me on the personal and profesional levels. Here are the current blogs that are in my reader as of right now in the order in which they appear in my daily feed. Enjoy:

1. Aaron’s Angle

2. Mark Batterson

3. iChilly

4. Macworld

5. Seth’s Blog

6. The Resurgence

7. Perry Noble

8. Big is the New Small

9. Michael Hyatt’s Blog

10. Ragamuffin Soul

11. MMA Junkie

12. Mike Burnette’s Blog

13. Ron Edmondson

14. Ed Stetzer

15. Johnny Kelley

16. Chris Edmondson

17. Kevin Miller

18. Jon Acuff’s Blog

19. xkcd

20. Stuff Christians Like

21. Office Tally

22. Great Leaders Serve

23. TUAW

24. Yahweh’s Song

25. There and Back Again

26. My Encounters With God


28. Xtreme Ministries

29. Keep It Playful

30. Lapel Choke

What blogs are you reading? Which should I add in 2013?

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