Sunday Thoughts

1. Today was way colder than I thought it would be. The rain didn’t help at all!

2. In spite of the weather, I thought we had a great day at Xtreme!

3. There are a million frustrations within the realm of vocational ministry. Roller coaster attendance. Lack of commitment. Heartbreaking stories. Leaky toilets and ceilings. Doubt.

4. Yet for every frustration, there are 10 things to celebrate! The one thing that NEVER gets old is seeing the Word of God come to life in people.

5. I am so honored that I get to serve with a dedicated team of Christ followers who sacrifice so much day in and day out. We win.

6. In a couple of weeks I’ll be moving into a brief season of R&R on the speaking front. Taking breaks is a must. Pastor, if you  feel like you have to preach or be there every Sunday then you are not doing a good job of equipping. Real talk.

7. Tonight is the “Who Cares Bowl”. I miss football season already.

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