This Weekend at Xtreme

Big weekend ahead for Xtreme!!!


On Friday we kick off the Warrior Weekend at Garner Creek retreat Center in Dickson, TN.Warrior Weekend is a 2 1/2 day getaway for active duty combat veterans, their spouses and children . Participants are offered spiritual tools needed to deal more effectively with the stresses of combat that will benefit them both down-range and on the home-front. It’s a huge honore that we get to strategically partner with other churches to provide this FREE weekend of relaxation, fun, and ministry to our soldiers.


On Saturday, Xtreme will host “Resolve: The New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge”. Our friends at Marathon Chiropractic and Maximized Living will be putting on a workshop that will not only help you lose those unwanted pounds, it will help you feel great! This isn’t about fad diets, this isn’t about a workout binge…this is about living life to the fullest via sustainable exercise and simple eating. Click the banner to register. The event kicks off at 10am.
revolutionOn Sunday we kick off a brand-new series called “House Divided. I am really excited about this because it will be our first YOUTH LED service! Our Revolution Youth Team will be leading worship, serving on the first-impressions team, and bringing an AWESOME message full of grace and truth. DO NOT MISS IT!

Start inviting your friends, neighbors, and enemies now. Big things happening at Xtreme! Come see what God is doing 9 or 10:45am!

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