The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday


Several people in my life are in a series of challenges. Some are in the middle of a 30 day weight loss challenge. Others have begun a 40 day prayer challenge. There are also some who are drowning in the sea of mid-terms and exams. I even have ministry friends who are fighting the ebb and flow of numbers or the “good problem” of not having enough space. Others are getting punched in the face daily by the trials of life. I admire all of them for having the stones to push past complacency and go after something better.

However, right about now some want to quit. Some thought that the longer they were in the game, the easier it was going to get. Some thought that if they ate clean for a week and worked out hard for 7 days the other 21 would be a piece of cake. Maybe they thought that after 5 years of ministry things would smooth out. They thought the 2nd semester would be easier than the 1st.

They have been deceived.

The only easy day was yesterday.

Pushing through the “suck” is what separates those who win from the other guys.

I’m cheering for you! Keep moving forward. I know it sucks to get up at 5am to do a hard work out. Get up anyway. I know you miss cake and are sick of green juice. Keep it real anyway. I know you want to phone it in because you have already achieved more than you thought you could.  You are better than that. I believe in you. Drive on.

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