Sunday Thoughts

1. It was great being back with Xtreme this morning! Lives we’re changed and folks found freedom and forgiveness today!

2. The idea that a Christian’s faith is a private mater between them and God is total BULL. We are a family. A BODY of Christ. What one member does impacts us all. When one member blows it the world does not say “Oh look at what “Johnny” did.” No, they say look at those “Christians!”

3.That being said,  I thank God for not only His saving Grace but for His covering Grace that has kept me safe and always had my back! I’d be in a world of hurt if goodness and mercy weren’t following me. Can I get a witness?

4. I want to be in the business of loving folks who blow it instead of judging them for not having it all together.

5. When I was in Iraq I used to have dreams about leading a church that was on the front lines of Kingdom work. One cool thing about those dreams is that my family (brothers and sisters) were all involved in that work with me. It fires me up to get to live that dream everyday!

6. I intentionally do not wear green on St. Patricks Day. It’s my way of saying “Come at me bro!” to all of the “pinchers” out there ; )

7.  The only place to find REAL freedom is in Christ!

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