The Church Names That Didn’t Make Our List

GraceLife Logo

We changed the name of our church from Xtreme to GraceLife Church and it feels GREAT! Changing a name is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Here are some of the names that did not make the short list ; )

1. Xtreme Christian Fellowship or Xtreme Ministries – obviously staying the same wasn’t an option.

2. New Jerusalem Church of God of Prophecy in Christ Assembly Better Than Life Vision Center, Inc – I thought this one would be a little too long. Just a little.

3. Suaveation – It sounds diverse and hip, but it means absolutely nothing.

4. HighestPointe Church – It seemed a little too “page 4” of the how to start a “relevant” church manual.

Obviously, I am joking . I can’t speak for all of our team, but I never had a short list of names. I’ve had the name GraceLife in my back pocket since November of 2010. Stoked about moving forward!

By the way, what’s the wildest or funniest church name you’ve ever seen?

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