The Quo That Kills


It happens to the best of us.

Routine. Maintenance mode. Going through the motions.

We aren’t where we used to be (thank God), but we aren’t where we could or should be.

I’ve been maintaining the status quo as far as my health and training goes for the last 7 months. I eat clean, workout 3-4 times a week and have kept off the 80-90 lbs that I got rid of in 2012. However, I’ve lost some of my fire. Workouts have become easy. Eating clean is second nature now. My status quo scares me. It scares me because once one gets comfortable with the status quo it is not only impossible to grow, it also makes it easier to go backwards.

Your status quo might not involve anything physical. Perhaps you are stuck in a spiritual rut. Maybe you are in a relational rut. Let me encourage you: Go back to your first love. For me, that means more Muay Thai ; ) For you, it might mean trying something new.

Whatever it is, don’t get killed by the status quo. Kick your rut right in the face!


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