The New Legalism and Bringing Sexy Back

It used to be customary to go to church in a suit and tie (for dudes). Now, most of my pastor friends wear jeans and some of us keep it really casual and will rock a t-shirt and shorts depending on the weather. Now, “the cool” guys are bringing sexy back by wearing suits and ties again (there was a lot of JT in that last sentence). The whole thing makes me crazy. Why can’t we just do our thing and let others do theirs? Why do we care so much about how someone else is choosing to serve Jesus? We are more judgmental than we’d like to admit. On Sunday I came across this article and it really challenged me. The bottom line is that in our quest to be on mission, to be “relevant”, and to do ministry in new ways we open ourselves up to become elitist,  judgmental, and un-Christ like when we look down on those who aren’t doing it like we are. Basically, we become the “they” that we make fun of, talk bad about during our messages, and mock. This does not mean we don’t do new things, destroy sacred cows, and offend Pharisees. What it means is that while we are doing those things we must guard our hearts and be careful, lest we turn into a newer and shinier version of the very thing that we hate.

What do you think?

If this:

img_0035 Has become the new that:


Are they:


The new them?


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