Sunday Thoughts

1. Seriously? I can’ t believe how awesome Mother’s Day was at GraceLife today!

2. We were PACKED today. The record that we set last week? Broke it.

3. Our worship team led with excellence and power today! I’m so glad we are not a church where singing is just the intro to the speaking. It’s ALL worship. It’s ALL important.

4. We totally surprised Jaemi with her Mother’s Day presents. We love her!!

5. Tomorrow Jaemi and are going off the grid for several days to unwind. Can’t wait!

6. Today a brother shared with me his story of how God delivered him from a life of drug addiction and selfishness. That’s what it is all about! Grace changes lives!

7. Mother’s Day is a hard day for me and my siblings. Cherish every moment that you have.

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