A Drug Addict and an Atheist – Repost

A drug addict who was at the end of her ropes decided to stop trying to get clean on her own. For years she blamed Jesus for not “healing her of her addictions”. One day while she was in another rehab hospital she felt the Spirit speak to her and she decided to give Jesus one more try. Everything changed.

Meanwhile, her atheist boyfriend had completely given up on God. He was 100% convinced that not only did God not exist, but everyone who believed in God was a fool. He was an atheist until he saw the power of God demonstrated in his drug addict girlfriend. Everything changed.

It has been my privilege to walk with this couple through their struggles. She connected with Xtremeeven in the middle of her addictions. He connected with  Xtreme even in the middle of all of his questions. I watched them both give their lives to Christ long before they “raised their hands.” I saw the smiles on their faces when they went public with their faith  via water baptism. And next month I have the high honor of officiating their wedding.

A drug addict and an atheist walked into church and walked out fully devoted followers of Christ. It didn’t happen overnight but it DID happen. Folks, that is the power of the Gospel. That is what it’s all about!

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