Neither Do I Condemn You

John 8 tells a powerful story of grace. It is simple and beautiful. From that story we learn that none of us are without sin and therefore we should think “grace” before we think “stone.” We learn that Jesus gives grace (neither do I condemn you) before He gives instruction (leave your life of sin). We learn that when confronted with truth, even the most self righteous person will eventually drop their rocks of judgment and walk away.

And yet we still get this wrong.

We make people feel like they have to be perfect before they can come to Jesus.

We throw stones at the sins of others while rationalizing our own faults.

My heart breaks every time I hear a story of someone who is hesitant to connect to the church because they are stressed out about being judged.

I’m so tired of seeing people bounce from place to place because of the judgment of others.

Jesus did not condone or excuse sinful behavior; He FORGAVE it.

God help us to have the mind of Christ.


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