Lessons From The Woods

IMG_2525Over the weekend I spent a couple of days walking through the woods and camping with some of the men from GraceLife Church. It was a great time. Challenging, but worth every step. Make sure to check out Kevin Riner’s blog for some great stuff on hiking. Here are some insights on life that I received while on the trail:

1. Regardless of the terrain, be it mud, rocks, or horse manure, it could always be worse. The most important thing is to keep moving forward.

2. What you carry around matters. You may think carrying around dead weight is no big deal, but when the journey gets rough, you’ll wish you were lighter. Do yourself a favor, dump the “extra” stuff now.

3. Don’t get so caught up in “getting there” that you miss the beauty on the journey. However, don’t get so distracted by the side-trails that you forget that you are actually going somewhere.

4. The “suck” sucks less when you have brothers along side of you who are sharing the pain. Don’t walk alone.

5. Make war on the blood suckers. Have zero tolerance for “ticks” in your life.

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