Times change. Fort Campbell is losing the 506th BCT (Currahee). That really sucks.

This unit was reactivated at Fort Campbell during the height of the Iraq war and they have proven themselves valiant on the field of battle.In fact, they are deployed now. It has been reported that the total net loss of soldiers will be around 320 with the remaining troops or so being rolled up into other units on post. Other units around the Army are also facing  a similar fate. Pray for our military.

Part of me is angry that this legendary unit will be no more. Part of me wonders what will happen with the billions of dollars worth of equipment and buildings that belong to the unit. Part of me wants to get political and rail against the insanity of wasteful spending.

Then I remember, this unit was reactivated at a time when  we where fighting 2 wars. I remember that it is much easier to throw stones from the sidelines than it is to make tough decisions, especially when those decisions directly impact others.

I’ve seen churches severely impact their effectiveness because they refused to stop having Sunday night services, refused to examine the Sunday School paradigm, and refused to cutback on their property because of what “might” happen. I’ve seen people own 4 cars, live in homes that have empty “spare” bedrooms, and have garages full of stuff that never gets used. I’ve also heard those same folks complain about how hard times are.

In a way, we justify our own “hoarders” mindset when it comes to our “stuff” and we throw stones and yell words like “waste”, “excess”, and “greedy” when it comes to others.

The way I see it, the government can either pay billions of dollars to sustain troop levels that are not realistic for the current state of affairs or they can cutback and “reload” when necessary. Tough call. I’m glad I don’t have to make it. However, I am sure that if we closely examined our lives, we’d find something that we need to cutback too.

2 thoughts on “Cutbacks

  1. I am not so sure that I agree with you. I think it is criminal to cut so many divisions. I know they are expensive but they provide value, protection, flexibility and even if never deployed they employ 80,000 men and women in an economy that is struggling.

    But this is not my decision.


  2. These soldiers are not losing their jobs so your point about 80,000 being employed is not relevant to the discussion. They will be absorbed by the other brigades in the 101st.


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