The Black Belt and a New Blog Direction


In martial arts the black belt is usually the highest rank one can earn. It takes years of dedicated practice, to accomplish such a feat. During those years of progression from white belt upward one must overcome periods of mental plateau, physical setback, and frustration. It is not easy at all. It is also not something one should chase. I have heard it said that the number one way to ensure that you will never get promoted in martial arts is to obsess over the next belt. Doing so causes a person to miss out on the moment. I have also heard that once a practitioner achieves the elite black belt, their real journey of learning actually begins.

Yesterday was my first “official” day a Ph.D student and I now understand all that I have heard about the black belt. The Ph.D is the black belt of the research and academic world. Ph.D’s are the “experts.” It has taken me years of hard work, setbacks, frustration, and failure (Accounting 1 for example) to make it this far. Now that I am operating in this world, I feel like I am just beginning to learn.

Over the next few months I expect that the direction of this blog will change. I will still write about GraceLife Church and give some of my raw thoughts and life in general. However, I have a feeling that I will also dig much deeper than I have in the past. I will also share some of my research and doctoral writing here as well. Thanks for reading all of these years. You have been with me since that first post back in 2006.

I would love for you to join me on this new journey.

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