Sunday Thoughts

1. This has been a GREAT weekend!

2. Pastor Kevin brought a great message today about “The god of Us (Selfishness)”! Listen to the message here.

3. It is always nice to take a week off from speaking to just enjoy being with the church on a Sunday. I am thankful for our team!

4. We are moving into a busy season of city ministry over the next few weeks. Clem Ferris will be with us Oct. 6th, The Uprising and Manna Cafe Pirate Fest are happening on Oct 11th, our quarterly Warrior Weekend is Oct  25-27th and GraceLife’s “Light Up the Night” Halloween Party is happening on Oct 31st. It is FUN serving Jesus and loving others!

5. All of my students at GCD have submitted their assignments well before the weekly deadline. I am proud of their dedication…and stoked that I will not spend the morning grading papers ; )

6. NWHS got blown out by a team they should and could have beat on Friday. The Titans lost a heartbreaker. The Bucs game is currently postponed because of weather. Being a football fan this season is not good for my blood pressure : )

7. Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week!

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