September 2013 Book List

Thanks to the workload of my PhD program, I feel like the only time I am not reading is when I am asleep! At last count I “read” 71 research articles over the last 30 days. That’s around 213,000 words on topics such as: The Sacramental Itinerary of 1 Corinthians, The Importance of Longitudinal Pretest-Posttest Designs in Estimating College Impact,  Structuralism, Hermeneutics, and Contextual Meaning, Moderating Affect of Workplace Spirituality on the Relationship of Job Overload and Job Satisfaction, and Reexamining Servant Leadership in the Gospel of Mark.

I love it!

Here are the books that I have read or finished reading in the last month:

American Sniper by Chris Kyle

Samuel: A Lifetime Serving God by Gene Getz

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: The Law of Influence by John Maxwell

Viral Churches by Ed Stetzer and Warren Bird

All In by Mark Batterson


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