Sometimes You Need to Look Back

I believe in moving forward. I am not one to dwell on the past. However, sometimes I can be so busy driving forward that I lose the value of the journey. Simply put, I forget where I came from. I beat myself up when I make a mistake.I lose sleep over relational tension. I can get bogged down so much that I end up not moving forward at all. Have you been there?

Perspective is everything.

Let’s do ourselves a favor and take a look back. We are nowhere CLOSE to where we used to be. We are not perfect, but we are forgiven. We are not in perfect shape, but we are in our best shape. We are not the smartest, but we are also not the idiots we used to be. We have not arrived, but thank God that by His Grace we are found!

Sometimes we need to look back in order to move forward.

One thought on “Sometimes You Need to Look Back

  1. Looking back can also be a form of gratitude, a matter of savoring so much we might otherwise rush past.
    Often, as I center down into meditation at the beginning of Quaker meeting for worship, I find myself reflecting on the previous week rather than focusing on a mantra (or even a line of Scripture or a bit of a hymn) or my breathing. And then I might slip into one of these. From a spiritual perspective, it’s amazing how much can happen in a life in even a day. This helps, too, in countering a tendency to feel overwhelmed by everything on the to-do list.
    It’s one step at a time, after all. And to think, we’re not alone in it!


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