Sunday Thoughts

1. I have officially named today  “Adversity Sunday”.

2. We have had terrible (icy) weather all weekend and several churches in the area had to cancel or adjust their service times.

3. At 7am I got trapped in our storage facility because the power went out (thanks ice storm). We had to “Find a way” to manually override the security gate in order to get our equipment and the pastor…ME…out of the facility. Fun.

4. Thankfully we had power at the community center where we meet. Sadly, the storm knocked out the heat in the facility. We brought in a portable jet engine, I mean heater, but it was too loud. I am pretty sure we had service in a meat locker.

5. The awesome part is that we had a GREAT time! We even had first time guests brave the elements to connect with God via GraceLife. So cool!

6. My friend Aron Rice continued our “My Story” series this week by sharing “A Mission Story”. Aron and I go all the way back to Leto High School in Tampa, FL. He was one of my only “real” Christian friends in high school. We also played next to each other on the offensive line all through high school. I am so stoked GraceLife has adopted his family as our missionaries in Peru!

7. Today was definitely a day to remember!

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