Rethinking Leadership – Repost

According to Bennis (1999), “In our society leadership is too often seen as an inherently individual phenomenon.” This places an often unrealistic burden on the leader to be perfect or give the appearance of perfection. The unhealthy quest for perfection leads to compromise. Compromise leads to failure. What if instead of trying to be the center or even the perfect head, the leader viewed “team” as the ultimate form of leadership. Paul mentions that Christ is the head and the rest are only parts (1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4). Those parts are important, but one part is not greater than the other. This does not abolish leadership. I think it puts leadership in its proper perspective.Its really all about the team. Leadership is all about empowering others to shine. Servant leadership is all about taking the lesser place so that the “followers” thrive, thus allowing the entire team to win and not just one central figure. Bennis (1999) goes on to say that, the “New Leaders” will not have the loudest voice, but the most attentive ear. If you are a leader who is struggling in your organization, what could happen if you stopped demanding and started participating? Perhaps this: ”Instead of top-down pyramids, your organization will grow into a structure built of energy and ideas, led by people who find their joy in the task at hand, while embracing each other and not worrying about leaving monuments behind (Bennis, 1999).”

Bennis, Warren (1999). “The end of leadership: Exemplary leadership is impossible without the full inclusion, initiatives, and cooperation of followers,” Organizational Dynamics, 28, 71-80.

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