Why I Loved The 2014 Superbowl

1. No social media for me and my family during and after the game. Watching the game without the asinine participation of the peanut gallery made for a real treat.

2. Watched the game with my wife and kids in our comfortable room.

3. All of the 24: Live Another Day trailers. I can’t wait for one of my favorite shows to come back!

4. Watching Seattle dominate every phase of the game and watching Peyton Manning try…even though he was consistently drowning. Dang!

5. A GREAT halftime show! Finally!

Did you watch the game? What were your favorite moments?


One thought on “Why I Loved The 2014 Superbowl

  1. I set up my laptop to my TV because they streamed it live on FoxSports.com. I enjoyed it till it became a blow out. Then I was hoping for the Seahawks to beat the record of 55, most scored points in a SB. I’m glad I didn’t go anywhere to watch it. It would have felt useless. Although, I still didn’t get any cheese dip!


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