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Those who are far removed from the realities of battle do not understand what military families go through. This numbing to the humanity behind conflict is made possible by a 24-hour news cycle that, depending on the channel you watch, attempts to normalize, politicize, or sensationalize the world of the warrior. It is wonderful that some people post and like sentimental military family reunion videos on social media. However, our warriors and their families need more than our platitudes and warm-fuzzy sentiments. They need tangible support and resources to equip them for life both on and off the battlefield.

This Friday we kick off our 5th Warrior Weekend. Over 100 people from the Fort Campbell Community representing a variety of units will gather for a FREE weekend of relaxation, development, and connection. It is truly an honor to give back to those who give so much to us.

Visit for more information or to support this great work.

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