Outoftheboxslides.001I have new cravings.

I enjoy eating kale omeletes, drinking clean juice with ginger, and using coconut oil in just about everything. I never in my life thought I would enjoy getting full on stuff that is good for me. I am the guy that used to chase down a 20 piece nugget meal with a double quarter pounder. What took me from eating sausage and pancake corn dogs for breakfast (still delicious) to spinach, almond butter, and avocado sandwiches? My heart was transformed and my behavior followed. I did not start a diet. I changed my mindset. When our hearts (mindsets) are transformed we develop new tastes. We crave what is good, pure, wholesome, and truly filling. The same is true when it comes to following Christ. Heart transformation leads to behavior modification. The converse usually leads to frustration and failure.

Join us at GraceLife Church this week as we get “Out of the Box” and talk about a better way living that starts with the heart. Bring a friend! See you at 10am!

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