Why I Write


Four years ago today I sat in Ebenezer’s  Coffeehouse on F St. NE in DC and wrote my morning post. The irony of that day is that sitting in his office one floor above me was Mark Batterson, the man who got me into blogging. Mark always says that the reason he writes is because he can’t “not” do it. He writes for intrinsic reasons. He feels just as called to write as he does to preach. All of those statements apply to me as well. However, I blog regularly for one simple reason: conversation.

I am an introvert. I am not a fan of crowds or parties. I hate small talk. I hate mentally small talk. I have a very tight circle of close friends. However, I love people and I love conversation. Over the last 8 years and 2,355 posts I have been able to engage in conversation that I would never have if it were not for this medium. This blog has helped me process pain, vent, celebrate, and give people access to my life on certain levels. This blog has never been about gaining tons of readers or having a busy comment section (although I don’t mind either). This blog is both cathartic and casual.

My thoughts. My way. Thanks for reading!

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