What I’m Learning – Wife Edition

I am so proud of my wife Jaemi! Last year she got back on the college horse and is on her way to completing a BA in History with a minor in Asian Studies. One of the best ways to retain knowledge is to share that knowledge with someone else. So, in the spirit of teaching to learn, Jaemi will be sharing a few things that she is currently learning via this guest post. Enjoy! – Carlo

1. History is what people tell us in books. To get a good idea of historical events, you have to read from 5-6 perspectives. Did you know that the Chinese sent a fleet of 300 ships and 27,000+ men to explore the world, 36 or so years BEFORE Columbus set sail to try and find new routes to India and China? They saw what they needed to and went home.

2. Prior to 1507 all maps showed Jerusalem as the center of the world.

3. Balancing school, work, and home has been a challenge over the last 6 months. Thankfully I have a family that extends grace, but is also there to pull me back in when I get too far gone. We’ve made some positive and definitive changes to help us all reconnect with one another.

4. Japanese is a seriously difficult language to learn. However, I can now write my name in katakana, ジャエミ。

5. Learning Japanese is fun when you watch little bits of trivia like this or this.

6. I was only supposed to do five points, but this year has been so successful for us as a family. The boys are doing great in school and really starting to excel in their chosen passions. This fall will be super busy with Friday Night Football (so we can watch Tony in the band), band competitions, and Pee Wee Football with David. Gotta bone up on my projecting voice so I don’t lose it with all the hollering I’ll be doing! ☺

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