The BIGGEST Misconception About Church

There are no limits to the various misconceptions regarding church. Some argue that the church is the “House of God” and should be treated with reverence. However, the Bible says that we (Christ-followers) are the house of God. Buildings are just buildings until God’s people show up. I’m not saying that you should trash your church building. I’m just saying that church is people more than it is a place. Others argue that church is for building up Christians and should not be in business of trying to attract “unbelievers”. Yet Jesus said that He came to “seek and save the lost.” Then there are the folks who put so much emphasis on “attracting” people that they have turned church into a show that looks awesome but has no power. There are a million misconceptions about the church. However, I believe that the BIGGEST misconception about the church is this:

Church is perfect.

I have encountered  people who want nothing to do with a local church because they cannot stand the hypocrisy. More often than not, those feelings flow from the flaw of believing that the Church should have it all together. I have also encountered people who talk more about their church than Jesus. I mean, they really worship their pastor, programs, and platform. The latter are just setting themselves up to become like the former.

The reality is that the Church is just a bunch of imperfect people who are being perfected by a perfect God. That is what makes church beautiful.

I am  glad that I am part of a church where no perfect people are allowed.

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