Christians and the Bible

The church must maintain a Christo-centric posture if it is to have any hope of being Christologically mimetic. Simply put, anyone who claims to be in Christ must walk as Christ did (1 John 2:6). In order to accomplish the aforementioned the Church must preach, teach, and exemplify Jesus. The latter is intricately connected to how we treat the Bible.

Two basic problems exist within modern scriptural interpretation: reading New Testament meaning into Old Testament concepts and reading twenty-first century meaning into the ancient terms of Scripture. For example, some pastors/churches interpret 1 Chronicles 16:22 (…touch not my anointed…) as meaning pastors and church leaders are “untouchable” and privy to extra divine protection, which is not afforded to “everyday” Christians. Besides the fact that that the aforementioned assumption is layered in poor exegesis and semantic fallacy, it is also a textbook example of misunderstanding the worldview of the Old Testament. While I am not advocating that every disciple become an expert in socio-rhetorical criticism or other advanced exegetical research methods, I am suggesting that we (the Church)  stop the proliferation of biblio idolatry by remembering that we are supposed to be Christ-followers. The Bible is great. Jesus is greater.

Our application of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament must past through the filter of Jesus.


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