Sunday Thoughts

1. Wow!! Today has flat-out rocked!

2. I had the privilege to speak at OneChurch for my friend Chris Edmondson.

3.  While I was speaking at OneChurch, Chris was speaking at GraceLife Church for me! So cool!

4. OneChurch is leading the way when it comes to creating a Sunday environment that is inviting, loving, and uncompromising in its presentation of the Gospel. If I did not serve at GraceLife Church, OneChurch is one of the few churches in Clarksville that I would be proud to connect with.

5. Thanks to everyone at GraceLife for making Chris feel loved and welcomed. He told me that he had a “blast”. I know he brought a great word!

6. This entire weekend has been very encouraging for my family. From hanging out with our good friends the Allison’s (who pastor in Hendersonville), to celebrating with our oldest son at his band banquet, to hanging out with OneChurch…God’s goodness has been evident!

7. Today’s big ideas:

If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of me.

Judge the believin’, not the heathen!

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