Morals, Politics, and Protests: A Manifesto (Repost)

I am anti-abortion.

I believe in soldiers and science.

I believe that God’s plan for marriage is one man and one woman committed to each other for life.

None of those beliefs gives me the right to be a self-righteous jerk. None of those beliefs exempt me from my commitment to be Christ-like. It does not matter how loud the “other side” yells. It does not matter how mainstream opposing values become. What “they” call me, what “they” label me, and what “they” do…it does not matter.

I must follow Jesus.

I must chose to be righteous more than I fight for my right to be right. I must care more about winning people than winning arguments. I must make a big deal about Jesus, His grace, His love, and His mercy. I must express His glory more than I express my political and personal opinions. He did not come to condemn the world. Why should I condemn? He did not overthrow governments by political means. He changed the world one life at a time. His way is best. I was dead. He came that I might have life. I was lost. He found me. He called me, not to make much about Carlo and the Kingdom-of-what-I-think-is- right, but to make much of Him.

I am a fully devoted follower of Christ because He let’s me be.

This, is Good News.

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