The Great Deception (Repost)

It seems more and more people are in the business of spreading false information. A fake picture of Lambeau field was picked up by national media before it could be properly vetted. Stories about homeless preachers, marijuana overdoses, 93-year old ladies killing knockout game perpetrators, and Samsung paying billions of dollars to Apple…in nickels…are spread via social media by seemingly intelligent adults. There is only one problem….

All of those stories are not true.

A simple visit to or a casual read of the actual article will quickly reveal that the stories are made up, usually by one of the many satire/mock journalism sites that have popped up in the last few years. Those sites are more of an indictment on how cynical and jaded social media has made us all than they are funny, but that is for another post.

While I love having information at the tip of my fingers via the internet, I also hate how the accessibility of information has produced laziness. It is easier to just click share and wave the flag of “look how informed I am” than to actually do the work of scholarship and fact check before spreading a lie as if it is truth. Some say the greatest deception of social media is that it is really anti-social in how it limits real world interaction. I say that the greatest deception of social media is that it has made experts out of fools.

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