You might be a narcissistic ministry leader if…

Yesterday I shared some notes on leadership. My colleague Dr. Robert Ball shared some challenging thoughts on Narcissism in Leadership at a Leadership Roundtable we participated in last week. Here are my notes from that talk:

You might be a narcissistic ministry leader if…

You have an exaggerated sense of self-importance (You think that if you do not do it or if you are not present then things will fail).

You constantly fantasize about great success (success equals more power, privilege, people, and possessions).

You expect the admiration of others (you reject all criticism as “hate”).

You have a sense of entitlement (you confuse “honor” with privilege, e.g. reserved parking spaces and front of the line privileges).

You take advantage of others (the people exist to serve your agenda/vision).

You demonstrate envy (you negatively write off the success of other churches/ministries instead of celebrating what God is doing in others).

You demonstrates an arrogant attitude (you have all of the answers and you make sure everyone knows it). More tomorrow.

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