Sunday Thoughts

1. God visited us in a strong way today! I LOVE GraceLife Church!

2. We had tons of guests today. Who would have thought that Memorial Day weekend would be the time for folks to check out  a new church?

3. My day started by having to use my awesome ninja skills to infiltrate our storage complex due to a malfunctioning keypad. Pastoral ministry is fun!

4. After a glorious nap my family and I had the privilege to attend a wonderful alumni BBQ sponsored by Regent University. 

5. The keynote speaker of the event was Admiral (Ret) Vern Clark. He talked about leadership in turbulent times. I could have listened to his wisdom all night. Powerful!

6. I am so honored to be a part of a school like Regent. If you are looking to grow and be challenged both spiritually and academically, check out Regent University.

7. Life and church begin to make sense and have significance as we begin to understand that it’s not about us.

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