GraceLife on Mission – Discover Family Church

This week I’ll be sharing some of the various ways that GraceLife Church is involved in the larger mission of the Church. We are more than just a Sunday experience. That’s what what I love about GraceLife!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Discover Family Church.


Discover Family Church is a brand new Jesus community that launches in September of 2014! Johnny Kelley, one of my closest friends, is leading this group of world changers on the journey to connect families to Christ and to each other…one family at a time. What I love about DFC is their commitment to family worship, the fact that they are launching in Polk County, FL, and the fact that they make a big deal about Jesus! GraceLife Church has committed to support DFC financially and I would love for you to partner with us to make an impact in Central Florida via DFC.

Check out for more info.

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