GraceLife on Mission – The Rice Family


About 16 years ago I invited one of my high school buddies to an old-school Pentecostal revival. My buddy came from a church tradition that was not as “expressive” as Pentecostalism. He was absolutely freaked out! However, in spite of the culture clash and the weirdness, God spoke loud and clear to my buddy that he was to give his life to the mission of Christ as a pastor. For the last 16 years God has been orchestrating a beautiful friendship between GraceLife Church and the Rice family. Aron (my high school buddy) and Cessie Rice, along with their 4 children are living on mission as church planters in Peru. They are currently living in Arequipa where they are fully engaged in language school and the school of “getting to know our new country.” GraceLife Church supports the Rice family via prayer and monthly giving and I would love for you to join us by offering your support to this wonderful family as well.

Click here to read their latest update from Peru!

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