Good Gains

weight loss pics.001

I’ve been pretty open about my health struggles over the life of this blog. I used to walk around at about 315lbs. I used to overeat for comfort. Due to some service-connected illnesses and injury, I lived on a cocktail of steroids and immunosuppressant  drugs. I could not walk 100 yards without sweating like a beast and breathing heavily. I was a mess.

Then, I finally got serious about my health, made war on excuses, and decided that I wanted to live.

I lost a lot of weight. Over 100lbs in a year. I felt great. Then something started to happen. I started gaining weight again. My diet did not change that much and I kept up my workout routines. All of the sudden my body started changing again. Honestly, it was very frustrating.

One day as I was starting to get depressed about gaining weight I realized that my perspective was all wrong. Most of my weight gain was actually good gain. To use my wife’s words, I was getting “swole”. Granted, my love affair with a certain snack and a cruise to the Caribbean did not do my spare tire any favors. Still, I can lift more weight for longer periods than I ever have in my life. I train jiu jitsu with some legitimate world-class warriors and I hold my own in the strength and cardio department. More than that, I feel alive. I can throw on a 30lb pack and take a long walk in the woods without worrying about my physical condition. I can kick box, play backyard football with my kids, or help a buddy with a day of moving furniture and I am not afraid of passing out because of a lack of stamina. I am a long way from where I used to be in more way then one.

Why am I telling you all of this? Simple, I do not want you to quit. Keep pushing forward. You may have had a setback with whatever it is you set out to accomplish this year or last. So what! Keep moving forward. Sometimes what we think is a loss is actually a good gain. Refuse to live and die by someone else’s metric of success. Choose life.

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