Please Don’t Help This Kid Make Potato Salad

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 7.24.34 PM

Folks, we now live in a world where people will literally throw their money away in the worship of all that is ironic. I know buying fireworks, going to the movies, or spending $5 on coffee that you can make for 35¢ can all be considered a big fat waste of money. However, nothing screams waste like the picture above. As a non-profit leader I sit in countless meetings that revolve around financial needs. We need money to feed the hungry and house the homeless in our town. We need money to provide military families with some essential tools that will help them downrange and on the home-front. We need money to keep local churches open and to plant new churches. We need money to staff the churches and NGO’s that make a difference EVERYDAY in the real world. The struggle is real. It drives me crazy that a guy can raise over $45,000 in 3 days to make potato salad and people think its funny. I think its foolishness. I think its shameful. Please, for the love of everything that is good, do not give this guy another dime. If you want to support something:

Help GraceLife Church serve the spiritual needs of people in the Clarksville/Fort Campbell area.

Help Manna Cafe feed and house hungry people. 

Help Restoring the Warriors Heart serve our military families.


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