Sunday Thoughts

1. I love GraceLife Church!

2. The keep it real level of our church is off of the charts. I’ve been around church folks for a long time. I have never been connected to a more authentic group of people than the folks of GraceLife Clarksville. Thanks for letting me serve!

3. Big thanks to my friend Pastor Kevin Riner for stepping up in the 11th hour to teach the primary message today. He “knocked it out of the park”!

4. Thanks to all of the GraceLifers that responded to my “2nd Sermon” today ; )

5.  Today’s Big Idea: If you can’t see where you are going, turn on the light!

6. Apparently there is a big soccer match going on right now. I’ll wish Argentina good luck because it’s the American thing to do.

7. Tomorrow I  start a new training regimen with the assistance of some all world jiu jitsu practitioners and fitness experts. Today, I eat sour worms and Five Guys!

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