Visit to help us help others. Please contact your local (Clarksville) city council member and ask them to support a zoning change for a new homeless shelter in our community. ALL of the council members and the Mayor have stated on the record that they care about the citizen’s of our community. It is time for them to prove it. The following is a post from my friend and the Executive Director of Manna Cafe Ministries, Kenny York.

Prove It

Here I go.

I’m about to start my homeless adventure. I have my spot picked out, my tent set up, my plans made … I even have permission from the property manager to stay where I’m going to stay. For the last few days, I haven’t been able to stop thinking back to that first night that I was homeless 17 years ago. Things were quit different then. For one thing, I had no plan. I didn’t have anyplace to go, and very little money, so getting a motel room wasn’t an option. So I drove around until about 10 or 11 o’clock at night until I found a parking lot that was fairly quiet, parked my truck in the shadows, watched to make sure no one was looking, got out, went to the back of the truck, climbed in, and shut the door behind me.


The place I stayed…

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