Day One

“A lot of people have heard or read someone else’s opinion, and all a sudden they have the answer for homelessness, without even talking to one person who has actually been homeless.”

Prove It

Today, there were a lot of “firsts” …

It was my first day standing on a street corner. I got off to a later start than I’d meant to—it was about 10:30 when I actually walked to the street corner with my sign, feeling a lot of emotions all at the same time. I found out that one of the hardest things to do is stand on a street corner with a sign, with everybody looking at you and judging you, some laughing at you, most not knowing what to think of you, and some wondering what great sin you’ve committed to get you there. But the children are great; they don’t judge, they just smile and wave. One little boy in the backseat of his mom’s car gave me a thumbs-up and then mouthed, “I care!” while his mom wasn’t looking. That made my day. photo 3

Some people gave me…

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