I Almost Did But I Didn’t

Yesterday,  I accidentally stepped into a very large hole. I almost snapped my leg in half but I didn’t.

Monday, I aggravated what I think is a serious shoulder injury while training. I almost gave up but I didn’t.

Early Sunday morning, I was very anxious about a tough message I needed to deliver to the church. I almost gave into fear but I didn’t.

I didn’t break my leg. I didn’t give up. I didn’t give into fear.

Far too often we focus on what could have happened. We let the “almost” control our lives. We let one negative drown out the positive. My friends, that is a stupid way to go through life.

Celebrate the victories in your life. Sometimes that means you have to search really hard through the “almost” stuff in order to see a win. Search anyway.

My leg hurts, my shoulder aches, and my heart is still heavy. Nevertheless, I can feel SOMETHING, which means I am alive!

That alone is a great reason to celebrate!

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