Day Five: The Faces of Homelessness

“I refuse to believe that anyone sets out to become homeless for the rest of their lives. “

Prove It

Hi all, Vicki here. Last night, Kenny (like most homeless folks) took the opportunity to work a side job and make a few dollars, so he got back to his camp very late—and then he had to get up super-early to get to his bus stop on time. So he didn’t have a chance to blog about yesterday’s “adventures,” but he’ll catch up tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s something he wrote the other night while at camp:

The face of homelessness has changed over the past few years. It’s surprising how many people think that all homeless people look like they do on TV—living in an alley in a cardboard box with either a bottle of vodka hidden in their coat pocket or a crack pipe under their pillow. While there are some that might resemble that stereotype, they’re not as common as Hollywood portrays—at least not anymore.

CIMG0165A friend from Tent…

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One thought on “Day Five: The Faces of Homelessness

  1. I agree no one has a plan to become homeless. No one takes the time to see what happen. Unless we talk and ask we should not say anything. You will never know what happen what blind of job they had or it may be something that hit hard at home so bwfir you say anything just think to yourself this could happen to you.


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