Sunday Thoughts

1. WOW!!! GraceLife Church had an amazing gathering this morning!

2. We announced that in a few months we’ll be sending pastor Kevin and Carrie Riner back home to Marshall County, TN to plant GraceLife Church Lewisburg! We’re excited about the future!

3. We had several new families connect with us today. It’s always an honor when folks choose to spend a Sunday with you.

4. I had the privilege of dedicating one of our newest members, Baby Charley Rose Mayfield. I love the Mayfield family and I am thankful for their latest contribution to the body of Christ ; )

5. I am also thankful for the Kleeman Community Center. I don’t know where we would be if they had not given us the opportunity to gather their each Sunday.

6. Thanks to everyone who came out and made Manna Cafe’s “Color Me Cool” a HUGE success yesterday!

7. Football is back!!! I can’t wait for the regular season to kick off. Until then, I’ll get my fix with some tryout games (preseason).

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